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Paging Systems

Paging Systems

Paging & intercom systems improve the working environment with flexible and productive communications. Clients can range from hospitals, industrial warehouses, commercial buildings, schools and many more! Cable Solutions can provide you with the right choice for your paging system installation whether it be overhead paging, public announcement, background music with paging override, paging alert system, emergency paging notifications and more!

Landmark Wiring Systems can help you with your paging or Intercom system installation by providing the following options:

  • Night Ring/Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation
  • Talkback Paging Installation
  • Paging Horns Installation
  • Paging Speakers Installation
  • Zone Paging Installation
  • Background Music Installation with Paging System
  • Paging Volume Control Installation
  • Indoor/Outdoor Paging Installation
  • Video/Audio Intercom Installation

Landmark Wiring Systems installs both Bogen and Valcom paging systems.

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See Bogens design guide for paging systems.